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Refer friends to Current and get up to $100 in free CRNC.

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The Next Generation
Of Media Streaming.

A Platform

Current consolidates the best content and features from the most popular media networks into an all-in-one, personalized experience.

A Protocol

The protocol rewards people for their time streaming, ad impressions and personal data shared. Launching initially on the Current platform, the protocol will open for developers and third-party providers to utilize.

A Token

The Current utility token, CRNC (pronounced “currency”), reduces or eliminate premium subscription costs and facilitates ad purchases.

Just Press Play.

Anyone can earn CRNC

Earning CRNC is simple; stream your favorite content through the Current Platform.

Reduce Premium Subscription Costs

CRNC can be used immediately to reduce or eliminate the cost of premium subscriptions to popular content providers.

Access Your Favorite Content

A platform with a nearly limitless content library, that satisfies the demand for popular music, video, film, audio books, podcasts, etc.

The Simplest Onboarding

Current automatically creates a CRNC wallet for every user. In many cases, Current will be the first digital wallet the mainstream public will own.